Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now I remember why I don't update this thing aka 2 hours of my life that will never be returned

Well, lots of exciting things have been happening around the Orfanos household, each worthy of their own post. However, I am lazy. And under time constraints. Hence the bulleted list and pictures! Enjoy!

  • We had an anniversary!

  • Celebrated by an early morning breakfast and PIE! on pi day (of course). Pie at 6 am equals not such a great idea. Lesson learned.

  • I went to Nationals in Georgia!

  • Mah team! GO UTES!

  • I traveled across state lines to Alabama!

Piggly Wiggly. Who knew?

  • I had a birthday!

  • 22! Woot woot!

  • I spent said birthday in an airport because someone who shall not be named booked my flight for the wrong day and had to spend $300 and 6 hours waiting for the next flight!

  • We went on a cruise!!

  • Our goal for the cruise was to never put on underwear. Between swimsuits and uh, other activities, I have to declare MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  • I became the State Women's Air Pistol Champion!

  • I met Tim Gunn!

  • I graduated!

  • HOLLA!

  • I got a job at JetBlue!

  • I became the Regional Women's Sport Pistol Champion!

And yeah. That's just about it. Stay tuned for a hopefully more documented summer!

Peace out.

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